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Bags and Balls


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    Bags and Balls
    From $51.00 to $79.99
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    • Commercial quality for the home
    • Industrial grade, thick PVC skin and heavy duty nylon straps
    • Special plastic microbead interior with sand filled liner bag for superior weight distribution with airhole endcaps to allow air release when compressed during intense exercise
    Product Description
    The often underappreciated yet extremely versatile and powerful classic sandbag is a multipurpose functional strength training tool with numerous benefits that are not possible to realize through traditional barbell training alone. The ZIVA Chic Power Core Bag takes this dynamic, less easily controlled resistance that recruits more stabilizer muscles across the entire body, and updates it with heavy-duty nylon straps, thick PVC skin, and large, easy-identification weight numbers. This highly flexible tool allows users to enjoy a wide variety of compound lifts and combined compound lifts, a dream for full-body superset routines. The variable weight distribution of the classic sandbag is improved here with ZIVA engineering: plastic microbeads and a special sand-filled liner bag allow for more even yet still dynamic weight distribution during exercises while the bag’s airhole endcaps allow for safe compression during intense exercise.


    • Both!
      ZIVA started as a manufacturer of premium, precision calibrated free weights, racks, benches, and storage for the world's biggest and best commercial gyms, but today most of our products are available and suitable for both fitness facilities and at-home athletes' home gyms. ZIVA CHIC Power Core Bags are great in either!
    • A ton!
      CHIC Power Core Bags are a functional fitness mainstay that can be used to add resistance to all sorts of exercise movements. When it comes to HIIT or functional fitness training, core bags are your most important tool. They are ideal for all sorts of ab training and twisting exercises, great for shoulder and leg moves, and can really be used to create nearly any kind of compound movement you might imagine.
      To see a very select few of the many, many exercises you can do with ZIVA CHIC Power Core Bags, check out our Training Club.
    • ZIVA CHIC Power Core Bags are made with a heavy-duty sand-filled core wrapped in a hard-wearing PVC skin. Our core bags also come with multiple tough nylon handles with reinforced stitching and an additional pair of rubber encased handles for when users need a really strong grip.Workout as hard as you can with this functional fitness tool and see just how tough a bag can be.
    ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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