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    • Fits all ergonomically designed ZIVA RPU Studio Weight Discs
    • Comes with wear, rust, and corrosion resistant chrome coating etched with grip assisting knurling
    • Compatible with spring or clamp collars
    • Studio Bar is non-Olympic plate compatible. Bar Diameter is 1.18".
    Product Description
    The barbell is the centerpiece of any strength-training program, an indispensable and versatile tool for compound resistance movements with a near-limitless skill ceiling. The ZIVA Standard Chrome 5’ Bar is designed with durability and convenience in mind, featuring precision-engineered, durable chrome-plated alloy on a bar that fits all ZIVA RPU Studio Weight Discs and offers a more compact profile than standard Olympic bars. Rated for up to 330 lbs., this commercial-quality, chrome-coated barbell with grip-assisting knurling comes compatible with either spinlock or clamp collars so you can lift the way you want.

    Length: 55 in
    Diameter: 1.18"
    Weight: 5 lbs


    • The ZIVA Barbell Chrome Studio Bar is shorter and lighter than an Olympic Bar, making it more convenient to use for resistance training in smaller spaces, but it is designed for many of the same exercises, like squat, deadlift, and bench press to name a few. Because this bar is lighter, it is also ideal for isolation exercises and HIIT training.
    • The ZIVA Barbell Chrome Studio Bar is solid steel with a scratch-, rust-, and wear-resistant chrome finish and is etched to assist grip. Shorter and lighter than an Olympic Bar, the Chrome Studio Bar is perfect for both compound and isolation exercises at home or in a class. To see some examples, check out the ZIVA Training Club.
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