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    • Commercial Quality for the Home
    • Fits All Olympic-Sized Weight Plates
    • Precision-Weighted 45 lbs Bar with Black Oxide Coating
    • Premium, Hard-Coated 2" Sleeves
    • 728lb/330kg Weight Capacity
    Product Description
    Olympic Bar 7’

    Length: 7'

    Weight: 45 lbs


    • The most important exercises of them all: the squat, deadlift, bench press, and other crucial compound lifts. Our Olympic Bar is made to handle the heavy weights that these exercises are meant to use, but they are not just for elite lifters. Whether you are a beginner or are advanced, everybody should inlude the Olympic Bar in their workout routine.
    • As simple as they may look, ZIVA Olympic Bars are precision manufactured with advanced techniques to ensure a long life and optimal performance. The bar itself is solid steel with users' choice of protective chrome or black oxide finish, and it comes with grip-assisting etching. The ends of the bar house needle bearings that allow for easy rotation, allowing for smooth movements thanks to great weight distribution.
    ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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