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    Product Description
    Dimensions: 53 in x 31.5 in x 12 in - 66 lb

    0.12 in thick steel frame

    Cushioned rubber feet with bolt down option

    High quality cushion surface with double stitches for better stability


    • The EX Flat Bench is super simple and easy to move around any gym thanks to an easy grip handle and sturdy PU wheels. Just grab the handle, tilt the Bench forward, and roll it into the desired position. Once it's in place, the wide rubber feet of the Bench will keep it firmly in place until it's time to move it to a different section of the gym.
    • The EX Flat Bench not only has an undeniable aesthetic that lends gyms a more elite look and feel, but it also comes with a bench top that is sturdy yet comfortable. It's made with a high density foam wrapped in double-stitched synthetic leather that means users can work out as hard they want while staying more comfortable than they would feel on any of our competitors' benches.
    • The EX Flat Bench is the foundation of nearly any exercise regime. That makes it crucial to have in a few areas of any gym. No free weight section is complete without a Flat Bench. Most functional fitness focused gym-goers appreciate having a Flat Bench close at hand. And if your gym's users ever do anything other than squat in the racks at your facility, including a Flat Bench is going to be something they appreciate.
    ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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