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From $39.99 to $129.99
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  • Commercial quality for the home
  • Premium, ultra long lasting textured RPU coating
  • Corrosion, wear and rust resistant chrome handles
  • Sleek design with large, easy ID weight numbers
Product Description
CHIC Hexagon RPU Dumbbell


  • Absolutely!
    ZIVA dumbbells are great for beginners and elite athletes alike. We recommend those starting out on their fitness journey start with lighter free weights and work up as they build strength, power, and confidence through their workouts.
    For weights in smaller increments, you should also check out ZIVA Tribells!
  • A couple of things!
    First, it's a very long-lasting, hard-wearing material perfectly suited to intense workouts. Sweat on it, drop it, throw it (actually, maybe that's not the best idea), and it will retain its original shape and appearance without scuffs or scrapes. That's crucial for dumbbells that stay looking great for a long time.
  • Both!
    ZIVA started as a manufacturer of premium, precision calibrated free weights, racks, benches, and storage for the world's biggest and best commercial gyms, but today most of our products are available and suitable for both fitness facilities and at-home athletes' home gyms. ZIVA CHIC Hexagon RPU Dumbbells are great in either!
  • So, so, so, so much!
    Dumbbells are the absolute foundation of almost every fitness regimen because they can be used to add resistance to practically every single exercise movement. When it comes to resistance training, these are your most important tool.
    To see a very select few of the many, many exercises you can do with ZIVA CHIC Hexagon RPU Dumbbells, check out our Training Club.
  • ZIVA CHIC Hexagon RPU Dumbbells are solid steel free weights, made to last a lifetime. The heads of these dumbbells are encased in a revolutionary material - RPU, or rubberized polyurethane - that is scratch- and scuff-resistant, is able to hold a vast variety of colors, and have a slight give so both the dumbbells and the surrounding area are protected during workouts. The steel of the dumbbells' handles are etched to assist grip and covered in chrome for rust-resistance.
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ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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