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    Product Description
    Made with premium textured synthetic leather outer casing

    Hard-wearing stitching and webbing

    10 lb increments


    • The ZVO Premium Power Core Bags come in 10 lbs. increments from 10 - 50 lbs., so it may be best to have the entire range of available options so all your clientele can get the kind of workout they want. In the end, though, it really depends on your gym and your clientele. If you are a small functional fitness studio with clients who focus on low weight, high rep workouts, you will probably want more of the lower weighted ZVO Premium Power Core Bags. If you are full of folks who like to lift heavy and hard, then maybe having more of the higher weights of Power Core Bags makes more sense.
    • The ZVO Premium Power Core Bags consist of a premium textured synthetic leather skin with reinforced stitching, and has heavy-duty nylon straps wrapped around it, at either end, on the top and bottom, and on the sides. The top-bottom and side straps also include ergonomic rubber handles that make gripping easier and more comfortable. At the center of the Power Core Bag lies a precision weighted core. The overall construction of the ZVO Premium Power Core Bags is made to last despite constant twisting and smacking.
    • ZVO Premium Power Core Bags should be placed wherever functional fitness exercises are most often performed, but bear in mind that proper use of these Power Core Bags requires some space. Additionally, as Power Core Bags are often incorporated into functional fitness classes with great effect, it may be helpful to locate them in your gym's class area.
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