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Product Description
Made with premium hard-wearing PVC

Increments: 2 lb from 4 lb - 20 lb, 5 lb from 20 lb - 40 lb, 10 lb 40 lb and 60 lb


  • The ZVO Slam Ball is available in 2 lbs. increments from 2 - 20 lbs., in 5 lbs. increments from 25 - 40 lbs., and in 10 lbs. increments from 40 - 60 lbs. That means there is bound to be a weight range that is appropriate for your gym. In the end, it depends on the kind of gym you have and the kind of clientele that your gym attracts. If you are a small functional fitness studio with clients who focus on low weight, high rep workouts, you will probably want a lower weighted range of Slam Balls. If you are a CrossFit studio full of folks who like to lift heavy and hard, then maybe higher weights are better for your Slam Balls.
  • The ZVO Slam Ball consists of a weighted sand-filled center wrapped in a premium rugged PVC skin studded with grip assisting tread. The overall construction of the Slam Ball is one that's made to last despite constant heavy impact.
  • ZVO Slam Balls should be placed wherever functional fitness exercises are most often performed, but bear in mind that proper use of these Slam Balls requires a bit of space and, depending on your usual flooring, a tougher floor for slamming against. Also, as Slam Balls are often incorporated into functional fitness classes with great effect, it may be helpful to locate them in your gym's class area.
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