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Product Description
80mm Hard Chrome Hub

Ultra-premium urethane surface coating

10 lb and 10 lb increments from 25-55 lb


  • ZIVA ZVO Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Discs are made with a thick chrome insert at their center and a solid steel plate at their core. This precision weighted plate is encased in a ultra-premium urethane shell that is incredibly resilient and is made such that it protects the plate within - and, to some extent, the surrounding gym - even when the Bumper Disc is dropped from a significant height. The center of the ZVO Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Disc is a chrome insert that makes it easy to slide on and off the barbell.
  • While ZIVA's ZVO Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Discs can be used in much the same way as any other weight disc - to add resistance to bench press, squat, deadlift, or any other barbell-based exercise - its true advantages are seen when used for more technical, more explosive exercises like cleans, jerks, Crossfit, and Olympic Weight Lifting, and even more when it comes to competition time. Any serious trainer knows that you train as close to the way you are going to compete as possible and these weight plates will get your clients as close as they could want to be. As such, if your gym aims to attract clients who appreciate these sorts of exercises and competition, we suggest adding ZVO Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Discs to your gym's selection of equipment.
  • ZVO Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Discs can be used for any barbell exercise, but their usefulness really shines through for explosive exercises, Olympic Weight Lifting, and competition. If your fitness facility includes space dedicated to barbell exercises, we suggest keeping at least 1x (one) complete set (2x each of 10 lbs. & 25 - 55 lbs.) of these Bumper Plates on hand to complement whatever other weight disc sets you may have. If your gym has clients who particularly enjoy moving heavy weights or if you want to start holding competitions in your fitness facility, we suggest having 2x (two) or more sets on hand.
  • There are several! The best part about choosing one of our storage options is that you know it will match with the design language and aesthetic of the weight plates, so your gym will enjoy an overall more cohesive and higher class look.
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