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Medicine balls


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    Medicine balls
    From $31.50 to $51.00
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    • High quality, durable, textured long lasting rubber covering
    • High performance, secure, no slip grip
    • Available in 2-lbs increments from 4-12 lbs
    • Vivid, clear numbering, available in Tiffany Blue
    Product Description
    The ZIVA CHIC series looks as great as it functions, and our CHIC Medicine Balls are no exception. Train balance, speed, explosivity, and rotational and full-body power output with this functional fitness tool, and do so in style with stunning Tiffany Blue. Weight options cover at-home athletes from the novice to the elite with long-lasting, commercial-grade, premium-style


    • You can do all a bunch of different exercises with your ZIVA CHIC Medicine Ball! It's an ideal resistance training tool for developing functional fitness because it lends itself to twisting and swinging movements that are generally seen as mimicking natural use of the body. Ball throws, Romanian twists, pushup and squat variations, and torso twists are just a few of the specific exercises you can do using a ZIVA CHIC Medicine Ball. For more, check out the ZIVA Training Club.
    • Choosing the right size CHIC Medicine Ball depends on your fitness level and what you will be using the exercise equipment for. If you are focused more on resistance training, you should go for a heavier ball. If you are more interested in HIIT or functional fitness workouts, a lighter CHIC Medicine Ball is probably the right choice. And if you are still in the early stages of your fitness journey, we usually recommend starting with lighter weights and working your way up as you make gains.
    • Sure! The ZIVA CHIC Medicine Ball is designed for use anywhere! Whether you are using it for twisting or throwing exercises, the important thing is to be reasonable. Don't throw your CHIC Medicine Ball or, in fact, use any exercise equipment around fragile objects, and avoid small, cluttered spaces for your workouts.
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    ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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