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    Product Description
    Dimensions: 29 in x 43 in x 24 in - 72.75 lb

    Vertical style frame

    Holds all ZIVA grip discs

    Comes with non-marking feet with option to bolt down

    Polished steel storage spindles

    Black powder-coated finish

    Stores up to 45 lb Olympic grip discs


    • The ST Disc Storage Rack's frame is made from thick steel tubing with a scratch- and rust-resistant black powder coat while its storage arms are scratch- and rust-resistant polished steel spindles. The bottom of the ST Disc Storage Rack's feet come with rubber coverings to protect the floor.
    • The ST Disc Storage Rack can be moved around the gym, but it is not meant to be moved around very often. This Disc Storage Rack is likely to be most useful when located in a free weight area where barbells are most often used by gym-goers.
    • The real benefit of the ST Disc Storage Rack outside of its ability to help gyms stay organized, tidy, and safe is that it is designed for display as much as it is for storage. The storage arms of this Disc Storage Rack perfectly position ZIVA's stunning weight plates to show their best face so they impress visitors and fill gym-goers with pride and inspiration.
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