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    • Commercial quality for the home
    • Simple strap adjustment
    • Strong forged steel cam buckles
    • Lightweight, super strong certified steel carabiners with keylock nose for easy attachment
    • Reinforced strapping loop with non-slip antibacterial rubber handles
    Product Description
    We have taken this functional fitness mainstay and upgraded its flexibility and versatility. The ZIVA Body Weight Training System uses a tough forged steel cam buckle that makes adjustments easy; commercial-grade certified steel carabiners with keylock noses for easy attachment and removal; and a reinforced strapping loop with exceptional load-bearing capacity that allows for a vast variety of functional exercises. Our Body Weight Training System can be used like a traditional suspension training system but utilizes a unique individually anchored handle strap design that allows each handle to be anchored separately, allowing for exponentially more significant exercise variation and workout design. Use the included door anchor, attach to a Suspension Training Wall Anchor, or use a rack’s crossbars or pull-up bar; the ZIVA Body Weight Training System allows for more options than any other similar setup.

    Length: 63 in
    Weight: 2 lbs


    • No. The ZIVA Body Weight Training System includes an attachement that means you only need to have a door frame in order to get an intense, body weight powered resistance workout. The system is a cinch to set up. Just attach the door-stop tag through the Body Weight Training System's rear caribiner and position at either the top or bottom of a door frame and shut the door. Getting a great workout with this resistance training tool is that simple. If you want to set up a dedicated training location, though, you might want to consider installing a ZIVA Body Weight Trainer Wall/Ceiling Mount that you can hook directly on to.
    • A TON!
      Body Weight Training Systems can be used to work out any body part from an almost infinite arry of angles. Chest press from decline to flat to incline; squats with a shifting center of gravity; more kinds of rows than you could possibly do with any other resistance training tool...there are so, so many exercises you can do. It takes a bit of practice and it takes a bit of trial and error to feel your way into these exercises, so be sure to check out the ZIVA Training Club before you start, but you'll be a pro in no time!
    • Sure! Although the ZIVA Body Weight Training System may seem complicated and tough (to be fair, it can be if you want it to be), it's really quite simple to use for beginners and experts alike. With a Body Weight Training System, changing the level of resistance in your workout is a simple matter of changing your body's angle. So if you feel like a certain position is too heavy at your current fitness level, just shift your center of gravity a little and you'll find that the exercise shifts to fit your needs!
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    ZIVA® is an elite-performance sports and wellness brand. Distilled to its essence, our brand is driven by the peace of harmony and the joy of living, expressed most powerfully for us through sport, movement, and strength.
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