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    Product Description
    Ultra-premium, hard-wearing urethane coating

    Premium hard chrome handle with stainless steel ring at joint

    10 lb increments


    • ZIVA's ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbells are forged from a single solid steel piece to make their bars and heads. The handles are knurled and coated with a scratch- and rust-resistant chrome, and the barbell heads are covered in a thick, ultra-premium coat of tough scuff-resistant urethane, making them perfect for intense training environments in commercial gyms.
    • ZIVA's ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbells come in 10 lbs. increments from 20 - 110 lbs, so there's a weight for everyone. The right weight range for your gym's ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbell set depends on the kind of clients that use your gym. Do you cater to a crowd focused on HIIT training or low-weight, high-rep workouts? The lower weight ranges of ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbells will probably suit your needs. Are your users hard and heavy powerlifters? Higher weights will better serve your clientele. Have a mix of both? Get a complete ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbell range with weights from 20 - 110 lbs. to satisfy every lifter!
    • If your gym has a free weight section that is used by all, it likely makes the most sense to include a complete range of ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbells in that section.
    • We have many storage options available depending on your facility's needs! The wonderful thing about buying from ZIVA is that when you buy ZVO Solid Steel Urethane Barbells, you can also place an order for one of our storage options and you know that it will speak with the same design language, thus giving your gym a coherent, unified aesthetic.
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