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The ZIVA Journey began in 2008 in a single, out-of- the-way gym where from our earliest days, we sought to provide athletes and fitness enthusiasts with a transformational platform that could empower their fitness journey.

The things we practiced in the gym forged the values at the core of our company: innovation, inspiration, and precision. Our business has changed radically over the past decade and a half; we still have that out-of-the-way gym, but it’s now part of the HQ of a global corporation where we coordinate design, manufacturing, marketing, and shipping of over 1,000 SKUs in over 80 markets.

Though we have grown, we will never outgrow the values we first formed in the gym. Today those values are expressed in our products with innovative solutions, inspirational designs, and precision manufacturing.
The “ZI” in ZIVA comes from the name of the founder of Daoism, an ancient Eastern religion that emphasizes harmony; living in accord with both the nature around you, and with your own nature; and cultivating an attitude of gratitude and happiness by following what it refers to as “The Way.” The “VA” in ZIVA is the second half of the Latin word “viva,” which means to live fully, to strive with all your heart, and which is an exclamation proclaiming the absolute joy of life and all that it entails.
We create commercial products tailor-made for the world’s most recognizable gyms as well as gorgeous equipment made especially for at-home training. We are renowned for our outstanding quality, inspiring product design, and the refreshing solutions we deliver. We partner with athletes and associations that stand at the pinnacle of the fitness world. We publish compelling content that excites and energizes while it educates. Our team is powerful, passionate, and positive, and we are driven to innovate, iterate, and improve.
100% of our retail packaging is cardboard made from 100% recycled paper and 100% water-based inks. This makes our packaging completely compostable and biodegradable. Within the next year, we will have phased out all plastic in our packaging, as well, making less waste and a more positive impact. But there’s more to sustainability than just packaging. We’re also working to tackle waste and improve efficiency in other ways. We’re reconfiguring our manufacturing processes, making them leaner and cleaner. This commitment to sustainability is a natural extension of the ZIVA Way to Live.